Our company produces stainless railings, stairs and outer gates for you.

We are a company specializing in stainless production. We deal with production of stainless railings for terraces and balconies, stainless stairs not only spiral ones but also frameless and mantle ones, stainless French balconies, stainless roller frameless gates, fence panels, stainless gates, balustrade glass roofs and roofed terraces with stainless components.

Naturally, stainless steel may be combined with various materials according to customer’s wishes; the most frequently combined materials are wood and glass. We specialize in the Austrian, Czech and British market. We are highly experienced within the area of production and work with stainless steel material.

Our production is unique in the aspect that our products from stainless steel are completely welded, not only screwed as it is a common practice in other companies and they have such a surface working so that they do not need following care and maintenance in the future. Our company deals exclusively with order production and we closely cooperate with the customer to achieve his maximal satisfaction.

We deliver 3D visualisation to our customers for their better idea of the order. The following realisation is carried out within a short period of time. Our main goal and reward as well is customer’s satisfaction with our work.

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